RTHK’s Children’s Fitness Centre promotes leading a healthy life style from a young age. The programme covers a wide range of topics, including nutritious meals which kids can make by themselves, as well as going hiking to enjoy the countryside.

Video Credits:
RTHK Producer : Pang Siu Lung
Artist : Cindy Au Sin Yi
Director : Lai Chun Kit; Terry Yuen, Melon Wong, Pong Ieong
Producer : Ka Wong / Dickie Kwan
Script : Suen and Lam
Cinematography : Jack Cheung; Lester Leung; Terry Sze, Siu9; Pak Ming Cheung
Lighting : Ho Ming Lau , Wes Lau
Production Assistant : Terry Sze, Nok
Sound : Tony and Sing
Visual effect&Opening : Kitty Wong
Post Production : Peky Lam, Amber Mak, Sing Gor
Chef & Nutritionist. :Linda Chow, Nico Chow, Tiffany Shek