BELON is a neo-Parisian bistro showcasing French-rooted yet locally influenced cooking. This restaurant is managed by the wildly popular hospitality group, Black Sheep Restaurants, which consistently made the premium catering by partnering with a group of maverick chefs in Hong Kong. After ten years in Michelin-starred kitchens, Daniel Calvert brings passion and skillful culinary art to his role at BELON. As the youngest chef of holding a Michelin star (awarded in 2019 Michelin Guide), he is unwilling to satisfy his owned achievements and keeping the continuation of the restaurant’s excellence. 

Video Credits:
Client : Apple Seed 果籽
Creative and Agency : Peacock
Production Unit : Peacock
Director : Terry Yuen @ Peacock
Writer : Lo Tsz Fung @ Peacock
Cinematography : Jack Cheung / Lester Leung
Editor : Agnes Chan @ Peacock